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I believe that our greatest hope for a large-scale, expansive human presence in space lies with the private sector. It is to that premise that I devote this blog.

My dream is to pick up the classified ads one day soon and read: “Wanted. Welders, electricians, plumbers and mechanics for space station and lunar base. Micro-gravity training available.” The only thing standing in the way of that becoming a reality is the decision to go. We classified4have the technology, and private enterprise and investors are beginning to realize that there is a profitable future for them in space.

Stick around, and I’ll keep you abreast of the more interesting developments in private space flight and where those developments are leading. You’re not likely to hear about them in the mainstream news outlets. That’s because the media are still stuck in that same old  rut: space equals NASA. I do not mean to denigrate the agency in any way. They have their place, and it’s on the edge of the frontier, but the frontier is no longer earth orbit. It’s time for commercial ventures to follow in NASA’s foot steps and create a space-based infrastructure that will support humans there en masse.

We’re on the cusp of a new and exciting era in space flight and a change of paradigm. Burt Rutan said after winning the X Prize that, “the next twenty-five years is going to be a wild ride.” I think he was right. I also think the general public must be educated. Their perception of space flight must change with the times. Space is no longer the exclusive domain of NASA, or any other government agency for that matter. But this fact has not yet made its way into our collective consciousness. My hope is that this blog will help to change that.

J. Paul Douglas
Chief Executive, Procyon Publications, LLC

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